Updating a will

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A will that has been signed cannot be altered, either by crossing out or writing in new clauses, unless the new clauses are executed in the same manner as a will.

This is sufficient to revoke any previous wills, but it is wise to also destroy any of your previous wills in order to avoid confusion or challenges to your new will.Use a codicil to revoke part of your will or add a new provision.To be valid, they must be dated, signed, and witnessed just like a legal will.Writing a Will can be an iterative process, evolving over time as your life situation changes.It is important to take the initial step of beginning a draft, but it is also important to recognize that you may need to update your Will one or more times throughout your life.You can’t amend your will after it’s been signed and witnessed.

The only way you can change a will is by making an official alteration called a codicil.

You can use Do Your Own to update your Will if it was completed on our site or elsewhere.

After completing a simple questionnaire asking for your name and address, Executor designation, and how you’d like to distribute your estate, the site automatically inputs your information into a standard Will document.

Once you realize it’s time to update your will, what should you do?

You may think the easiest way to revise your will is to mark it with a pen and initial next to the changes.

Depending on what sort of change you’re making, you should either add to your will or write a new one.